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  • How will my cat do while in care?
    A cattery can be an excellent solution for your cat while you are away. Cats are both independent and social and require time to adjust to new environments. Each cat has its own personality ranging from the timid to the curious. Cats from busy households with other pets and children tend to adjust quickly; while, cats from quiet households take more time. After the adjustment period they come to love their cabin and their cattery-wide exploration time. Cats typically take 1 to 3 days to adjust to a new environment; however, there are some that need no time at all and others that need up to 7 days. During this time, they are carefully monitored for fluid intake (as some go on a hunger strike) and are spoken to quietly and approached slowly and calmly. We provide hidey-spots within their cabin and at times use a small spray of Feliway Classic to help calm. Rest assured they do adjust and you will be kept updated on how they are doing through daily texts/emails/Whatsapp. The good news is that on the second visit they adjust very quickly! Good to Know: The Cabin Cats Cattery was developed in consultation with a Feline Specialist who is certified through PIJAC Canada.
  • Will my cat play with other cats?
    Generally no - cats explore the cattery on their own or with their cat family. There may be an occasion when a cat would do well to interact with the host cat or another guest - in these rare occasions I will ask permission before cats interact with others from different households.
  • How do you accommodate more than one cat from the same household?
    Cats from the same family can stay in one of our larger cabins (scroll down on the home page to view the cabin details). There are three options: The Bird Viewing (Loft) Cabins, The Climbing Tree Cabin and the Tower Cabins. The cost for 2 cats is $30 for the first cat and $15 each for the second and third cat. Please contact us for special pricing if you have a family of 4 or more cats. If cats from the same household require separate cabins then the price will be $30 for each cat.
  • How long have you been in business?
    The Cabin Cats cattery has been in operation since Spring 2022. To date, we have welcomed over 300 cats with the average stay of 9 days. 55% of our business is repeat client bookings - check out our google reviews. We love cats!
  • Why did you decide to open a cattery?
    In the late 90's we boarded our cat, Chester, at a cattery on the outskirts of Halifax, NS. The cattery was a great solution for us and we just loved the space and the whole idea of a cattery. We decided then and there that someday we would run our own cat boarding facility. In addition, I am a bookkeeper and work from the cattery Welcome Center. Often, a cat joins me at my computer - what's with cats and keyboards!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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