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Submit one form for each cat - all questions with an * must be completed or the form will not submit

Emergencies: In the unlikely event your cat develops a sickness or gets injured while in our care we will inform you through our daily updates and discuss a care plan. If required, we will take your cat to a local vet. In the case we cannot reach you or need to shut down suddenly please provide an emergency contact. Your emergency contact should be able to care for your pet - if not, please let us know so we can make alternate arrangements. 

I understand that The Cabin Cats will do all they can to provide the best care possible for my cat. I acknowledge that there is an extremely low risk that my cat could escape, become sick or die while in care. I agree to waive my right to sue The Cabin Cats and its owners for any injury, lost or damage suffered as a result of my cat staying at The Cabin Cats. In addition, I understand that if my cat is not picked up within 14 days after the agreed to check-out date; The Cabin Cats can surrender my cat to a shelter, re-home or euthanize my cat.

All cats in our care must be spayed or neutered and be up-to-date on their core vaccines (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia). As we accept both outdoor and indoor cats, we strongly recommended that your cat be also vaccinated against rabies and feline leukemia.

Please Email or Text proof of both the sterilization and vaccines records to or 403-667-8372 Ensure your cat's name, date of vaccine and vaccine types are clearly visible.

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