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The Cabin Cats

Hello Friends!

Summer Bookings - some weeks are full - contact us soon!

Stay With Us

Check out the Photo Gallery to see what the cats have been up to!


We provide virtual and in-person cattery viewing appointments; daily text or email updates; shuttle service if you need that and earn referral credits too.  Free cabin upgrades if available!

Custom Designed Cabins spacious, secure, and well-appointed cat cabins with viewing lofts, jumping platforms, unique tree trunk scratching posts, cat friendly plants to nibble and sanitized cozy snuggle blankets, litter pans and glass feeding bowls.

Daily Cattery-Wide Exploration for individual cats and cat families. Our cat guests can cozy up for an ear scratching session, climb the tree wall, stretch out in front of the fireplace (aka space heater), watch a nature movie, securely breathe the fresh country air...


In Home Visits at $35 per visit Serving neighbours living within 3 km of the Cattery in the communities of Big Hill Springs Estates, Silverhorn Luxury Estates and along Lochend Road between Township Road 262 and Big Hill Springs Road.

Conveniently Located in north Bearspaw, Rocky View County close to Calgary, Cochrane and Airdrie.

Ginger Cat

The Cabins

The Curious - 2 levels

26.5 cubic feet (3.5x3x2.5 feet)

The Hide-Away - 1 level

30 cubic feet (2x3x5 feet)

The Bird Viewing (Loft) - 3 levels

37.5 cubic feet (5x3x2.5 feet)

The Tower - 4 levels

52.5 cubic feet (7x3x2.5)

Peak Season: Reserved for multiple cat households

or available for the cost of $45 per night.


The Climbing Tree - 5 levels

72 cubic feet

Peak Season: Reserved for multiple cat households

or available for the cost of $45 per night.

$30 per night for first cat

$15.00 per night each for second and third cat

Cats sharing a cabin must be from the same household.

If cats from the same household need separate cabins

then the price will be $30 each.

Special Needs Fee: administration of medicine,

daily grooming, etc is usually $5.00 per night.

If an extra person is required then

the fee will be $10 per night per cat.

In Home Visits

for neighbours within 3 km of the Cattery

$35/visit @ 1 hour each

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